HP, Epson, Brother, Canon Printer Service Center Kolkata

Silicon IT Solution is one of the few companies you can trust for professional printer repair services for HP, Epson, Brother and Canon Printer. We excel in repairing all types of printers with utmost precision. We have a team of highly experienced and professional engineers. They undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated with the latest printer repairing techniques. They will examine the issue in your printer and let you know what type of repair service it needs. If your printer can’t print or is making abnormal noise during printing, get in touch with our repair experts today.

Few Of Our Printer Repair Services

  • General Printer Service – If you want to keep your printer in a top condition for flawless printing, choose us for general printer servicing.
  • Toner Refilling Service – Approach us to refill empty laser printer toner cartridges with new toner powder. You don’t have to buy a new toner cartridge if you refill the old one.
  • Cartridge Refilling Service – We follow a 9-step process for cartridge refilling. The machines we use for cartridge refilling are quite advanced.
  • Touch Not Working – If your printer touch screen is not working, press the printer power button and turn it off. If the issue prevails, it’s time for printer servicing.
  • Button Problems – Every printer is different from the make to the brand. Different printers have different issues and require specialized repair services.
  • Wi-Fi Print Issues – Silicon IT Solution has a track record of repairing and servicing a wide variety of Wi-Fi printers.
  • Paper Jam Issues – Paper jam issue in printers generally happens due to inappropriate positioning of paper or using torn paper for printing.
  • Printer Error Display Service – If you are getting error printing message on your printer every time you are trying to print a page, it is an indication that the printer needs servicing.
  • Printer Power Problem – Repair your printer if it is not turning on or responding when you are pressing the power button or if there is no noise or movement from the printer.
  • Printer Drum Service – The drum is an integral part of a laser printer as it ensures high-quality printing. If there is a printer drum issue, you have to replace it.

Why Choose Us For Printer Repair Services?

  • Have years of experience in providing fast and effective printer repair services.
  • Let you choose from a wide variety of printer repair services.
  • Try to establish and maintain a good relationship with all our clients.
  • A certified company with years of industry presence.
  • Have the expertise and experience required to repair complicated issues in your printer.
  • All our services are quite affordable and can be customized according to your needs.
  • Continually strive to become the best computer repair and IT service company.
  • Rely on transparent modes of transactions with no hidden cost involved.

Brother Printer Service Center Kolkata: The Best Printing Solution


In the present era, an efficient and reliable printing service is essential for both professional and personal work. At our brother printer service center in Kolkata, we know how a fully working printer service is crucial for small or big businesses. Therefore, we ensure our services will help your printer to operate at the pick performance.

Brother Printer: The Exclusive One!

The brand “Brother” produce an efficient printer that is closely suited for different work purpose. This printer wins the hearts of its range of customers with a perfect malfunctioning device. Brother printers serve many benefits with their new inventive technology. Moreover, printing with less power consumption and other properties makes it unique and reliable. 

Quality ink cartridges are another characteristic of Brother Printer that ensures premium printing for their range of users. Besides, flexible working parts of it make a smooth function. So, if you are searching for a genuine brother printer service center near or in Kolkata, reach us. It is because, with our core service and guidance, we will be your one-stop solution. Come and test our services if it is reliable for you or not. 

When visit a brother printer service center near or in Kolkata?

A well-functioning printer checklist will help you identify when you should give attention to your machine. Check out some signs that signify you need to visit a brother printer service center near Kolkata:

Unpleasant noises 

If your machine produces strange noises while printing, it’s a sign to give your attention. It also can be a sign regarding upcoming major issues. So, you can try to fix it at home by relocating paper from the printing press. Then check parts are properly installed or not. After that, if the continuous noise is still coming, visit pro soon. 

Paper jams 

It is a common problem that can be seen when papers are stuck inside your machine. It can happen due to uneven paper arrangement that leads to stuck it into the roller. Therefore, you can follow an easy way to fix it by opening the roller and gently picking up the stuck paper.

However, if it becomes a serious issue and you can’t resolve it by yourself, bring it to the service centre. Hence, you can prevent it from happening again in future. 

Ink related issue

Brother printers maintain their quality and produce a clear image or text. However, if you see blurry lines appear on the text or images of your printed paper, it can be an issue. Besides, this issue worsens over time and the printed text will be not visible at some time. 

On the other hand, bolted lines are also another sign of your printer issue. Even, if you see uneven ink dots on your paper, it can be the problem of roller or thermal ribbons. Contact an expert brother printer service center in Kolkata, if you can’t resolve the issue immediately. Otherwise, it will lead to heavy functionality issues in future. 

Our brother printer service center in Kolkata

Let’s check our service quality and why you should think about our service:

Expert service 

With us, you will experience the service from a certified technician. Our highly experienced technicians are well-equipped to manage various issues regarding printer models. Our pros have experience in dealing with a wide range of printing issues and demands. Besides, our brother printer service will assure you with quality repair. In addition, we use the original part to ensure our work quality. 

Value for time and money

We understand the importance of time. So, we follow a timely service. We know how a dispute printer can hamper your workflow. Hence, our experts try to reduce downtime by providing a fast service.

Moreover, we maintain a competitive service rate. Our service rate ensures that you will return an excellent result that will be the value of an investment. So, with us, your investment in printer repair and maintenance will be valued.


At our brother printer service center in Kolkata, we prioritise the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why, we maintain customer-centric service, that fulfils your demands and needs. We believe it is important to maintain a strong relationship with our customers. Thus, our customer-centric service makes us a different service provider. 

If you need maintenance for your printer or simply need sufficient guidance from your brother printer, reach out to our pro. Whether you request on-site service or visit us, we will promptly serve your needs.

Choosing Your Efficient Partner

Our experts go beyond just fixing the issue of your printer. We aim to create a long-lasting relationship with you! Therefore, our customer-centric service and commitment to serve the best, makes us unique.  

In addition, along with lour repair service, we also offer various brother printer models for sale. So, you can choose one based on the requirement. We know that selecting the right printer is a vital decision. Hence, our dedicated team is here to help you to make the perfect choice. 

Our brother printer service center near Kolkata is a trusted partner for anyone looking for the best repair service. Contact us soon to fix an appointment or explore a perfect model for you. 

With us, you will experience a new phase of printing experience and a quality repair service. Our service will help your printer to maintain its pick working condition. So, contact us immediately and give all your printer burden to us!

Epson Printer Service Center Kolkata: Your Reliable Repair Partner


What is worse than you need early printing documentation, but finding that the printer is not working? So, if you don’t maintain your printer, you will face this worse situation any day. However, the epson printer service center in kolkata can ease your worries with the right service at the right time. 

We understand people are bound by their time. So, their busy days do not give them the chance to take care of the printer.

Among different market brands, Epson is famous for its exclusive quality and innovation. The workforce model of this printer uses a high-density precision core. Moreover, it can generate accurate ink dots with high-speed professional print. 

If you have this supreme printer, and seeking the best epson printer service center in kolkata, we are here for you. We are a reliable and efficient service centre that believes in work, not only in words. We fulfil the needs of our range of customers according to their needs and demands. 

Who are we?

We are a top-notch service provider and a dedicated team for all your printer maintenance and repair needs. Our epson printer service centre has years of experience and high-quality skilled experts. Hence, these qualities help us to fame our name as a trusted repair service provider in the printing sector. 

Our mission is to serve high-quality, prompt and budget-friendly solutions. Moreover, it ensures the peak performance and efficiency of your printer. Hence, ensure the longevity of your machine as well. 

Why is our epson printer service center near Kolkata unique? 

Authentic parts

We understand the importance of using genuine printer parts during replacement or repair. We believe in a reliable service. That’s why you will get authentic printer parts from a genuine epson printer service center near kolkata, like us. Hence, our range of customers believe in us. 

Expert team

We have a team of skilled experts who know every inch of printer repair. All of them took proper training to handle a variety of faults within the epson printing models. Whether a high-quality printer or a normal inkjet printer, we possess the expertise and knowledge. So, with us, you can resolve any issue quickly.  

Timely delivery

We know the importance of time and how to value your time. Therefore, we aim to minimise the repair time as much as possible. Our skilled technicians work hard to diagnose and fix errors quickly. So, you will not experience any unnecessary delays with us.   

Affordable rate 

When you search for an affordable epson printer service center near Kolkata, we should be your first choice. It is because our center offers reasonable and transparent pricing to each customer. So, you will get a fast and quality service without breaking your savings. 

Comprehensive service

From basic repair to solving complex defaults, our experts offer a range of services that all your machines need. With us, you will get services like-


We will find out the actual cause of your printer damage. Hence, with an accurate assessment, we will guide you properly. 

Maintenance and repair 

We deal with various repair activities including toner or ink problems, paper jams and others. We will also take care of your connectivity issues. So, come and get your satisfied service from us. 


Do you know that you can extend the life of your printer with regular maintenance and proper care? Yes, it is. We offer a thorough cleaning process to take care of your printer that it deserves. 

Software fixing

We can fix your software-related issues. So, you will get a solution for issues like firmware updates, and driver installation from us. Besides, we will assist you with configuration settings issues. So, it’s time to end your searches like the epson printer service center near kolkata. 

Enhancement and upgrade 

Do you know that outdated drivers and software can create issues regarding compatibility? Yes, it is. Besides, it can be the cause of the malfunctioning of your printer. So, timely updating is essential for the smooth performance of your machine. Our expert will diagnose your printer and update the software if required. 

Support and guide 

Sometimes you also can face connectivity or any other issue regarding printer functioning. However, with our professionals, you will get sufficient guidance to keep your printer safe and secure. Besides, we can help you fix the connectivity issue and any other major related problem. 


Our printer support service requires assistance in configuring and setting up the printer. Besides, if you need any help connecting your printer to a Wi-Fi network system, our support expert is here to assist you. We ensure an effortless printing process for devices like laptops, computers, smartphones and others. 

Hence, we will be your helping hand to eliminate any connectivity issues. With our experts, you can set up your printer in the specific network effortlessly. So, we ensure effective printing from anywhere within the office or home. 


Don’t let printer issues creates challenge for you. If you are facing any problems and searching for “epson printer service center near Kolkata”, trust us. We serve a reliable and efficient printer solution. 

Just give us a call or email. You also can visit our center during business hours. We want to be your one and only trusted partner through quality service. We all are committed to providing the best service. It is because we value our clients and believe that your satisfaction ensures our success. Let professionals look after your printer, so you can do your best in future success.

Contact Us if yo need HP, Epson, Brother or Canon printer service”