Printer Repair Service Kolkata

If it is printer repair service – Choose Siliconitsolution. We are the #1 Printer repair service Kolkata. We provide world-class service for our customers based in and around Kolkata.

Siliconitsolution is the topnotch brand for printer repair in and around Kolkata. We have been in this service for years. We can fix any printer issue, irrespective of manufacturers. Be it HP, Epson, or TVs, we can repair them all. If your printer is not working or giving half or incomplete printing, call us. We can also help you if it is not initializing, making abnormal sounds, or suffering from a paper jam issue.

We are known for using genuine spare parts with company warranty, for replacement. Our expert team of trained and experienced engineers offers extremely efficient service to fix any sort of issue. Our service is guaranteed.

Finding the right company for printer repair

  • View company profile to see if it is trusted
  • Check if the engineers are certified, trained and experienced
  • Whether or not it provides warranty on service and spare parts
  • If the rates on the price chart apply to all customers
  • Whether or not they provide printer repair status regarding how long it would take to get repaired
  • Whether or not you can track repair status
  • If the company is free to share feedback and reviews given by previous customers
  • If the service provider provides work details as well as other details, if any, with their customers

Why Siliconitsolution?

  • We have years of experience and reputation.
  • We rank higher on Google ranking for printer repair service Kolkata.
  • We have a huge client base.
  • We are very fast both in indoor and outdoor repair services. It requires no more than 2 hours to fix the printer issue.
  • We are a certified company.
  • Siliconitsolution has an expert team of trained, qualified, and highly experienced engineers.
  • We provide a company warranty for the spare parts. We also provide a guarantee for our services.
  • We ensure your printer to run perfectly.
  • Every repair job is done on the same day – be it an indoor or outdoor service.
  • We use only original spare parts. And, the price of the parts is the same as mentioned on the price chart. This is the same for every customer.
  • We provide services to both personal and commercial facilities.
  • Our services are affordable.
  • We ensure providing every customer with a transparent bill.
  • Our services are efficient and quick.

Problems that we address

  • Paper jam and feeding issues
  • Inability to print
  • Incomplete printing
  • Abnormal noise during printing