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We are the leading Laptop repair service in Kolkata. By availing our laptop repair service, you can get your malfunctioning gadget error free best possibly. We are the leading IT and hardware repair service based in Kolkata. We have been in service since a decade or even more. And now we rank the top position for laptops repair service Kolkata. We are dedicated to offer our customers with the best solution related to solving their laptop related issues with best quality service. The service engineers over here are prompt, efficient and highly trained in solving any issue related to any laptop, irrespective of the brand. We offer original company-manufactured spare parts carrying company warranty. 

Services We Cover for Laptop

Laptop repairs

We are the leader in laptops repair service Kolkata. Silicon IT Solution is known for its services related to laptop repairs. We ensure providing genuine replacement parts containing company warranty. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot any issues related to your device in the least possible time. We offer on-site support in and around the city. Contact us for prompt services. Inspection charges are often waived.

Laptop replacement parts sales

We have a huge inventory of accessories needed for a laptop to run smoothly. Accessories like battery, adapter, internal speaker, keypad, cooking fan, power cable, heat sink, touchpad, hinges, DVD writer, USB board cable, hard disk, RAM, wifi card, top and bottom cover and web cameras are offered by us.

Annual maintenance contract (AMC)

We offer AMC services related to laptops repair service Kolkata. Regardless of the brand, laptops as well as accessories in and around Kolkata are available with us. We have a strong customer base happy with our AMC services. Our engineers are always ready to offer best services. Comprehensive, non-comprehensive and on-call contracts are offered by us.

Data recovery service

We have a trained team of skilled data recovery technicians. They are experienced in recovering any data from any type of data loss scenario. Our engineers can be trusted to get your data recovered from the HDD made by any manufacturer. Laptops repair service Kolkata offers different types of recovery services at reasonable price.


Master in resolving the following laptop issues

  • Laptop not getting turned on
  • Heating issues
  • Beeping issues
  • Replacement of damaged screen
  • Hard disk repairs
  • Mother board service, repairs and replacement
  • Blank laptop screen
  • Power on/off issue
  • Battery charging problem
  • Troubles with display
  • Screen light issue
  • Liquid spillage
  • Adapter repair

Why You Need Laptop Service

With the widespread of technology, gadgets have become one of the most important and inevitable parts of life. And a laptop is one of them. It helps to create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents, research information for professional work and education, and even for making regular life better. It has become unavoidable. But like any machine, a laptop can also malfunction or stop working. And then it creates a miserable condition for people who have to depend on this gadget for their daily professional and personal life.

When your laptop needs to be repaired by a professional

Oftentimes, people don’t understand what issue the machine is facing. Will it resolve automatically or does the machine need to be taken to a professional? Here are the answers to such questions.

  • When the battery is not getting charged – If the machine fails to hold the charge or doesn’t charge up or charges up partially, you need to change the battery. Bring the machine to Silicon IT Solution, the #1 laptop repair service Kolkata. We will replace the battery without wasting time, but only after thoroughly checking up the machine.
  • When BSOD appears – As a laptop user, you probably are aware of the blue screen of death or BSOD. This is a serious issue for the laptop. This happens mostly when the machine crashes. A laptop or a computer hangs when it can’t find the file required to run the machine properly. During this time, often you see a blue screen with a message like “Windows fails to start…” and with an instruction to contact the system administrator. This denotes that the machine has crashed. Typically, this blue screen indicates that the motherboard needs repair or replacement. And you should not try to resolve this issue without proper knowledge. It should be repaired by a professional
    technician. And for the best computer repair service, always trust our engineers.
  • When it doesn’t turn on even with a charger – Does your laptop take forever to get charged? Slow-charging laptops are not only annoying for the user but also a big challenge to work with. This might be because of a dead battery or a faulty charging point or even something bigger. In any of these cases, bring the machine to our store. Silicon IT Solution has the right solution for your problematic laptop. You can also give us a call for an onsite desktop repair service.
  • When the screen is cracked or damaged – The screen is the face of the machine. If it is damaged or cracked, it would be difficult to work with. In case of an external crack, you can see it. But what about an internal crack or dent? Well, if there is a blank display, flickering screen, or dead pixels, get professional help without delay. Replacement of the screen is a tricky time-consuming and complex process. Not everyone can do this. But you can trust our technicians. They have the right knowledge and experience to disassemble and then reassemble the cracked screen. If the condition is worse, screen replacement may be required. Call at 8389833048 for the right computer engineer Kolkata and the most affordable service. You can also mail us at