iPhone Repair Service Kolkata

For best iPhone repair service in and around Kolkata – Trust Siliconitsolution. We are a 3600 iPhone repair guide.

Welcome to Siliconitsolution, the one-stop destination for iPad repair and servicing. We have been dealing with different kinds of iPhone issues and fixing them accordingly for almost a decade. Our expert team of experienced service professionals is well-known for offering efficient service that earns 100% customer satisfaction. Being #1 iPhone repair service Kolkata, we don’t compromise with quality and thus we use the latest technology and the most sophisticated equipment to repair your phone. Moreover, we depend only on original spare parts for replacement. All the parts come with the respective company warranty. Moreover, we offer a guarantee for the services we render. Our services are affordable so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get your favourite gadget repaired.

Kinds of iPhone repair services we offer

Which model of iPhone do you own? Well, irrespective of the model, we can repair it. Here are the issues that we can fix.

  • Screen replacement – This is the most common issue with iPhones. Get it replaced with original spare containing company warranty.
  • Jack repair – Is the jack of your phone is not working properly? Isn’t the phone getting charged properly? Fix it ASAP to save battery life. Give us a call and we will fix the issue promptly.
  • Motherboard issue – Well, we know that you love your iPhone so much and take maximum care of it. Despite that, it might get freezing/dead/restarting. This is an issue to be fixed by an experienced professional. Allow Siliconitsolution to take care of it. Visit our facility with your phone. We will fix it.
  • Water damage – This is quite common with phones. Water or any other liquid can spill over the phone and it can stop working. Have no worry, in most cases, the issue can be fixed. The circuit board can be recovered and repaired possibly. We have experience of repairing the circuit board of the iPhone provided it is not completely damaged. This being the case, don’t be late. Contact the most popular iPhone repair service Kolkata to repair your phone.
  • Camera issue – If the camera is not able to take proper snaps, call us and get it fixed.
  • Touch screen issue – Is the touch screen not responding properly? We are there to help you with the issue.
  • Speaker issue – If the person on the other end of the call can’t hear you, there might be some issues with the speaker. Don’t worry, it can be fixed and Siliconitsolution can do it perfectly.