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As you buy a desktop, you will have a company warranty for a certain period. However, after that timeframe, if you contact the company, they will accept your call. However, instead of getting it repaired by their engineers, they used to outsource the repair job to third-parties. Moreover, you have to pay exorbitant charges. Why should you waste your hard-earned money like this? Contact Siliconitsolution – the leading name in desktops repair service Kolkata.

We are always ready to serve you

To be precise, desktops are the pillars of computing. The large case of the desktop contains more numbers of cooling and airflow components. And thus, it is needed to use powerful processors and memory for them. However, as this important gadget stops malfunctioning, you are very likely to feel like tearing your hair, especially while you are in urgency. Being the master of desktop repair and servicing, just give us a call. We will provide live desktops repair service Kolkata for you. Our expert team of trained engineers is always ready to resolve your desktop issues and ensure the on-time delivery of the services. We provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. Or else, we won’t charge you.

Desktop repairs

We provide an on-site desktop repair service so you don’t need to bring the computer to our facility. Don’t worry; your desktop will be completely safe with us. Our experienced engineers will repair your machine sooner than what you have expected. The process we adopt includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the issue
  • Detection of hardware equipment
  • Discussing the price to resolve the issue
  • Start repairing
  • Formatting as required
  • Offering basic software support
  • Removal of malware and other viruses

Key parts we repair

Our professionals troubleshoot the desktop and diagnose the actual issues for which the machine is not running properly. Then, they will resolve the issue in the best possible way.

CPU – We repair the CPU as a whole. If your CPU faces any of the following problems, give us a call.

  • No display
  • Stoned system
  • Slow running
  • System reboot
  • Faulty USB
  • Failure of network

Motherboard – If the motherboard faces any of the following problems, call us.

  • System restart
  • No display
  • Non-functioning USB
  • Non-functioning of Ps/2 part
  • Malfunctioning LAN

Hard disk – If the hard disk of your desktop faces any of the following problems, we are ready for desktops repair service Kolkata for you.

  • Non-diagnosis of the issue
  • Faulty capacity
  • Failure of logic

SMPS – Your SMPS might need a repair if you experience any of the following issues with your desktop

  • Powering system not working
  • Restarting
  • Stoned CPU

Spares – At Siliconitsolution, we have all the essential spares needed for your desktop. Well, you can also buy used spares besides new ones. So if you need to repair or replace any spare, give us a call.