Cartridge Refilling Service Kolkata

Welcome to Siliconitsolution – The leading cartridge refilling service in Kolkata. Call us for your entire cartridge refilling requirements.

We are the leading cartridge refilling service Kolkata. The products we provide our customers with are made of sophisticated equipment by a group of highly skilled and experienced engineers. This helps us maintaining top quality without charging the clients exorbitantly. We are dedicated to keeping up with the OEM standard so you get the most out of your hard-earned money. Siliconitsolution tops the list of leading printer parts and accessories providers of Kolkata as well as the whole country. Our company is verified and known for offering 100% customer satisfaction. We have raised the bar in the entire refilling industry. We strive continuously to ensure perfect refilling for your cartridge. We carry over different toners and inks so our products can deliver quality the same as the original.

Bring your empty cartridge to our store. But if you can’t do the same due to the present transport issues or your busy schedule, just give us a call. We make sure our representatives will pick up the item from your home or office and drop it at the pre-set destination after being refilled.

Our specialties

  • We disassemble the empty toner completely upon receiving
  • Each part of the toner gets cleaned thereafter and checked thoroughly for damages if any
  • We remove all worn and torn parts before refilling the cartridge

Steps we follow

Our cartridge refilling service Kolkata goes through 9 strict steps for laser toner cartridge. They are as below:

  • First, we collect the empty cartridge
  • We inspect the cartridge manually
  • After that, the toner goes through an electronic inspection
  • Old toner is removed
  • Toner is refilled
  • It gets through a manual test
  • Now, it is ready for a print test
  • The item is packaged perfectly
  • Finally, it is delivered to the respective destination

Be it a laser toner cartridge or an inkjet cartridge, we are particular about following the necessary steps.

In the case of the inkjet cartridge, we follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, we collect the cartridge, as usual
  • Then it is gone through manual inspection followed by an electronic inspection
  • Now the old ink is flushed out and the cartridge is refilled with new ink
  • Then it should pass both manual test and print test
  • Finally, it comes to packaging and delivery