Some extremely useful professional tips to troubleshoot your printer

printer repair service

The printer is one of the most important computer peripherals. As everyone knows, printers are used for printing documents images, and so on. But when they start malfunctioning, you may feel like throwing them out the window. In fact, you are not alone; almost every user goes through such a feeling at least once in their lives. 

It would be best to call a local HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother printer service center in Kolkata to fix the issue if the machine is made by Canon. But it might take time and you may be in need to take urgent printouts. This being the situation, you can try some quick fixes to get the printer up and running. Here are the scenarios where your quick interference may come effective.

  • The printer speed is very slow–If the printer speed is too slow, change the settings. You will find a ‘printing mode’ option in almost every version of windows. Go there and change the settings. Change it to fast draft from normal. You can also avoid printing graphics to speed up the machine. Upgrade the RAM of the device. This, however, needs professional help. If the machine is made by Epson, take it to the nearby printer service center in Kolkata.
  • The quality of prints is too poor – These issues are likely to be the outcome of a clogged printer head. Try to resolve the issue by running the utility program of the printer. A test page will be printed then to let you check whether the problems have been fixed. If your printer is not being used regularly, then such an issue might crop up. So, it would be better to use the printer regularly.
  • The printer tray breaks off frequently – Just ensure that the printer tray is firmly attached before you buy. And if not, avoid buying that piece and look for another printer.
  • Nothing is printing – When you are waiting for the printout and the printer is not spitting out your document, it will be quite frustrating for you, especially when you need the printed copy urgently. If the computer or laptop is attached to many printers, then first make sure you select the right one. Also, ensure that the device is connected to the right WiFi network, Ethernet connection, or USB. Check if the printer tray has papers. If none of them can resolve your problem, shut down the printer and wait for a few minutes. Now turn the machine on again. But if the hardware is still not printing, consult a professional. For an HP printer, get help from an printer repair service.

These are a few common printer issues that you can try to resolve yourself. However, if your talent doesn’t work, it will be always better to get the printer fixed by a professional.

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