Things to take care of before you hand over your mobile phone for repair

Mobile phones are one of the most inevitable tools for communication. Besides, it is used for social networking, email operating, online search, and lots more. Irrespective of the location, you can use your phone to connect to people staying far across. Nowadays, mobile phones are equipped with several great apps that make life easier. These phones are stylish as well as highly functional. However, these phones might get damaged, if you don’t take proper care of it. And when your phone becomes damaged or non-functional, the only solution you are left with is to hand it over to a mobile repair service Kolkata.

Things to follow before handing over your phone to a service centre

Before you hand over your smartphone to a service centre, here are a few things to take care of.

  • Make sure you wipe out all the important data before handing over the phone. But if it not possible, have a screen lock with a password or Pin beforehand. Don’t share the Pin no. In case, it is needed for the technician, he can use a guest account to access the basic functions to check the phone. This way, your mail accounts, personal data, and social accounts will be safe. Please note that the guest account function is available with Android 5.0 onward.
  • Make a habit of taking backups of the data on a regular basis. This is even more needed if your device has a massive internal storage. In this way, you will remain safe even if your phone stops functioning.
  • Remove the SD card before repair. Reinstall the same once you get the phone back from the mobile repair service Kolkata. Sync your data with the Google Account. Syncing your images and videos with Google photos will enable you to download them back if required.

Handing your phone over to a repair technician is essential if the phone stops working. But follow the tips above to keep the data safe and secure.

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