Common issues that require sending your iphone to a service centre

iPhone is widely accepted owing to its exciting features. But like any electronic device, iPhone can also encounter issues. After all, it’s a machine. When your phone is having any of the following issues, hand it over to an iPhone repair service Kolkata to get the problem fixed.

Common iPhone issues

  • Cracked screen – This is very common with any smartphone including an iPhone. You can use your phone with a cracked screen for quite a long time until it suddenly stops working. And you surely don’t want that. So before being too late, contact a service centre to get the screen repaired.
  • No version update – Oftentimes, iPhones don’t get updated to the newest version. In most cases, you can resolve this issue on your own by connecting the gadget to a PC or Mac and force restart. This will bring the phone to recovery mode and you can see the update option. Just click on the option and the phone will start updating. However, if you can’t do it on your own, take the phone to a local iPhone repair centre.
  • Not connected to Wi-Fi – This is another common issue that iPhones often encounter. If your phone faces this issue, just restart the phone. And, you are very likely to get the phone connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Lost data – Nothing can be more frustrating than losing important data from the phone. But this issue is common with iPhone. To avoid this issue, just sync the phone to iCloud-iPhone. Syncing is usually done at night while the phone is locked. However, if you still can’t find it, take the phone to an iPhone repair service Kolkata. They will help you get your data back.
  • Fast battery drain – Quick battery draining is another issue with iPhone. It would be good to turn off or uninstall non-essential apps. But if the trick doesn’t work, hand the phone over to a technician.

These are the most common issues encountered by iPhones. However, there are some more issues as well. Irrespective of the intensity of the issue, it is always recommended to take your phone to a technician if it is not properly working.

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